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omg foto 10 kopieLes Landes is located just outside the village of Cahuzac sur Vère,  in the wine region of Gaillac in the Tarn, Midi Pyrenees. It has a mild climate with lots of sun because of the influence of the Mediterranean Sea. The landscape is hilly, sometimes even mountainous, but friendly. With many vineyards, sunflower fields, rolling fields of corn and rapeseed, and now and then a flock of sheep or goats. It is also known as the Tuscany of the South-West.


omg foto 48From Les Landes you can walk to several vineyards where you can have the opportunity to taste Gaillac wines.
This is the region of the bastides (fortified villages) where you'll find friendly white limestone villages where the Cathars lived.  Cordes sur Ciel, is a stone's throw away and is a lovely example of a medieval bastide. 


Gaillac is a lovely town with a large market every Friday.  There is also the wine museum beside the Abbey St. Michel, "musée de l'Abbaye de la Vine".
Albi is a key tourist destination with the great Ste. Cecile Cathedral and the Musée Toulouse Lautrec, which holds the largest collection of the artists work in the world! This charming old city is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
There is also the Ingres Museum in Montauban and the Goya Museum in Castres.omg foto 06 kopie


Toulouse, "the pink city", is situated on the Garonne river. Here you can enjoy shopping, walking along the river and eating at an outdoor cafe in the charming old town. There are many museums and the "cité de l'espace", the famous space center.


omg foto 04 kopieIn the area there are many festivals, flea markets and fairs throughout the year, though especially in summer..

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Shops and services nearby:
omg foto 12 kopieIn our village of Cahuzac sur Vère, 2.5 km away, you will find all the basic amenities: a bakery, grocery store, bank, hairdresser, bar / tobacconist, two restaurants, a doctor and a pharmacy.

At 12 km, in Gaillac, many more amenities can be found, including a large supermarket.

1 hour from Les Landes is the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, with direct flights to most major cities in Europe.


Musée des beaux arts

Musée de l’abeille St. Michel

Musée des arts et traditions populaires, de la vigne et du vin

Musée de l’histoire naturelle

Cordes sur Ciel

musée d’art moderne et contemporain

musée Charles Portal histoire et d’architecture

musée Yves Brayer

musée l’art du sucre

Jardin du paradis


Le musée Toulouse Lautrec

Musée lapérouse

Cathédrale Ste. Cécile


Musée des Augustains (musée des beaux arts)

Les abattoirs – art moderne et contemporaine

Fondation Bemberg, including important works by o.a. Matisse, Degas,

Cité de l’espace

La galerie du Château d'eau (galerie photographique)



Musée Ingres


Musée Goya


omg foto 26 kopieChâteau-musée Cayla 

is a five minute walk from Les Landes. The museum has temporary exhibitions and a permanent exhibition about the authors, brother and sister Guerin. Lovely walks can be made around the chateau.

Places like Castelnau de Montmiral, Penne, Vaour, St Antonin Noble Val, Puycelsi and Bruniquel are old fortified towns with charming alleys, terraces and wonderful views.

Château de Mauriac: 8 km from Les Landes, is a beautifully restored and painted mansion.  The life work of the artist Bistes.  Walks can be made in the surrounding Mediterranean garden..

The Millau Viaduct, one of the most famous bridges of this time, is definitely worth a visit.  There is also a permanent exhibition of the construction of this wonder of engineering. 

From Les Landes a scenic drive can be made through the valley of the Tarn to Millau..

omg foto 43 kopieThe Abbaye de Beaulieu is 45 minutes away from Les Landes and is also worth a visit. The former abbey is now an exhibition space for contemporary art. A beautiful contrast to the old building with contemporary art.


Sports / outdoor activities

Cap decouverte

Within a half hour drive from Les Landes, is this sport and adventure park with a large swimming pool, aero trampoline, carting, paint ball, cable water-skiing, adventure trails and miniature golf.  There are also 35 km of slopes for rollerblading and biking plus skiing and snowboarding on artificial slopes.



 A 30 minute drive away, you can go canoeing on the Aveyron river starting in St Antonin Noble Val.  It is also a pleasant town to visit.  It's a rugged area with possibilities for hiking and climbing.



There are three golf courses within a half hour drive from Landes.

Golf de Florentin – Gaillac 18 holes. green fee around € 30,-

Golf Las bordes Albi 18 holes. green fees from € 40,-

Albi also has a 9 hole practice golf course



Cahuzac sur Vere, 2.5 km walking distance from Les Landes you can play on the newly renovated town tennis courts for € 3.50 per hour.


Horseback Riding

There are several stables in the vicinity

Philippe Bleriot in Cahuzac sur Vère
There is also a Pony Centre in Cahuzac sur Vère, 'une Pony, une histoire "

Walking and cycling

From Les Landes there are many beautiful hiking and biking trails that you can follow. Maps and instructions are available.